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    Acrobat pro very slow to open pdf with figures


      Acrobat 11.0.18

      MacPro OS 10.11.6

      processor 3.5 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon E5

      Memory 16 GB 1866 DDR3

      Graphics AMD FirePro D300 2048MB

      Apple LED Cinema Display 1920 x 1200

      Apple Cinema Display 1680 x 1050


      Acrobat is very slow to open pdf pages which have a picture or figures. Wait for 10 sec. or even more to open the page. Same file will be opened quickly on my MacBook pro with Acrobat 10.

      Tried to change the page display preferences: low the custom resolution to 72 pixels/inch, and change smooth text to: None. No help.


      Thanks for any reply.