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    Republishing Site In Muse 2017 Created Issues with Mobile Version of Site


      I recently upgraded to Muse 2017 and then republished my site via FTP.  When I viewed the site on my smartphone, the responsive/adaptive characteristics of the site were off, my mobile navigation and some other elements were not pinned to the top of the browser .  I tried to find the element or elements causing the site to react adversely,  however, I could not locate the problem.  I read some forums and saw others reinstalling the previous versions of Muse and republishing, so I followed suit.  Unfortunately, my site was saved under the Muse 2017 format and will not open in Muse 2015.2.  So, I'm out of luck.


      When will these issues be corrected, I got a client on my *** wondering what is wrong with the website.