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    hopelessly confused


      I have recently paid for one year of photoshop cc and  lightroom . I need step by step basic help in getting everything going. I must have started off badly and I feel as If I need to start the whole process from the beginning. The various FAQ's mean very little to me and I am unable to find any help in basic layman's language that will help me. At this moment I'm having  a mountain of issues from inability to manage or sign into  my account or even know what has or has not been downloaded to several days of producing really bad prints with my macbook pro + el capitan photoshop cc 2017 and epson p 800 with calibrated Eizo monitor. Prints made via the Epson printing option are ok but the prints made via photoshop are really bad.

      As a photographer who  been using CS 5 on an older OSX with  Epson r2400 very happily for several years  I am really flustered at my inability to make the change over and a little irked by the lack of DIRECT understandable set up help from Adobe. Its not a great beginning for the new policy of yearly /monthly fees!

      Does anyone have the patience to help?