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    Possible data limitations through CEP6?

    jar0we Level 1

      So I am working on an HTML5 panel that uses an api to load up a list of video previews, and you get the ability to download them, which I am using Node.js request for that. Now after scrubbing through some videos it seems like after about 20 or so videos they stop loading. if i do a new search it will bring up the api data, will build the video player but not load the video data, will not play it. acts as if I have the worst internet connection ever. But if I close the panel and reopen it, it works fine again for another 20 or so videos. Now when I run my panel through a browser it works just fine without this limitation, So I am trying to find out what is causing these limitations and how to go about resolving them.


      I am running into another issue, where when I am downloading a file it works great and downloads and places it where I want it, but when I start tracking the progress of my download with jquery .on('data') when the video gets to a couple mb's in it freezes up my whole panel where I will have to restart it.


      any help would be appreciated.


      -Thank You