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    Photoshop CS6 File>Scripts>Export Layers to Files Error!



      I'm really frustrated and know very little about actions and scripts in photoshop. I create storyboard sequences on layers. I want to save each layer as a jpeg in a sequence. When I researched how to do this I was directed to use Photoshop CS6's export layers to files. 99% of the time it it brings up an error. Some times it's an error number some times it's just an error.  Last year when I first learned of this script, I got it to work once. After a series of restarts and immediate use of the script after booting up the program, it worked once at that moment. And then immediately went back to errors. To this day it gives me 2 different errors:


      Error 519: Server interface error"

      -Server interface error ' No component returned from CreateWidget'

      Line: 395

      ->  dlgMain.pnlFileType.pnlOpotions.grpJPEGOpotions =





      Error 1: Unable to create Window

      - Server interface error 'No component returned from CreateWidget'.

      Line: 239

      ->   dlgMain = new Window("dialog", strTitle);


      It's not limited to just this script in particular. Most of the scripts give me an error except for Flatten all masks and Flatten all layer effects. Those serve me no purpose but they are the only two scripts that don't bring up an error.


      I've tried restarting my computer, closing and reopening photoshop, refreshing Photoshop preferences, checking open document tab preference, and reinstalling photoshop.

      I've downloaded the custom script from http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/1961/export-photoshop-layers-to-individua l-png-files-batch-process/1962#1962

      and when I try to use it I get a different error that reads -


      Progress bar resource is corrupt! Please, redownload the script with all files.


      I have re downloaded and tried opening the script from my desktop and from the photoshop script folder. Same error appears when I try to use it.


      Now I'm trying to figure out a way to make my own action that does the same thing as 'export layers to files'. I have an action that saves each layer, but it keeps overwriting itself. I don't know how to record the 'save as' without having the action overwrite the previously saved item.


      I don't know how to read script, or how to write it. And I don't understand why it doesn't work.  Please help me.



      I'm using Photoshop CS6, on a laptop pc, running Windows 7. I have 4.00GB of RAM, Intel i3 Processor, and 64 bit Operating System.

      Are there any other specs you need to know? Please let me know if there is anything I need to better clarify. Thank you!