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    Display Performance (Again)


      In the context of new-ish Mac systems like 2013 Mac Pros and iMacs (SSD-based, 32 - 64 GB RAM), what are the realistic settings for Indesign's display performance settings?


      I've got users that insist they should be able to keep Overprint Preview and High Quality Display on day in and day out. I have a strong background with creative applications, but that ended about the time InDesign started to gain real traction. So I'm not familiar with how things may have changed in the last dozen years or so. My now ancient experience is that those settings are not realistic to keep on full time.


      I'm trying to get to the bottom of problems with display performance for InDesign users and turned up a number of posts here. But I think it best to start with this as a baseline.


      Is there documentation I can distribute to the InDesign users about these settings and best practices?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I got my MacBook Pro in 2015. With a good GPU and Retina Display, the InDesign CC 2015 and 2017 GPU settings turn High Quality Print (but not Overprint Preview) on all the time. It's working fine for me.


          I've never seen any documentation on best practices (except that Overprint Preview gives the most accurate display when using transparency, overprinting, etc.). It's easy enough to turn it on when you're dealing with more complex artwork, but you probably wouldn't want to leave it on.

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            CJC2000 Level 1

            I only turn them on for initial placement and then for final check/preflight.


            All the agencies I worked at lately only have iMacs (not like when all studios and creatives had a tower) and I find indesign slow and clunky with those settings 'on' all the time.