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    PayPal and In Browser Editing

    lenat72146276 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am wanting to know if anyone has any experience with using PayPal and in browser editing.


      I have made a site for my client and I have placed images that say "coming soon" (however some are up currently) so that as he gets the rest of his store together , he can add the inventory with the IBE.

      When it comes to being able to sell these items that have yet to be placed, can I still place the PayPal widget and he can determine the pricing and other info from inside PayPal itself?


      ....If not is there a better solution to achieve what I am trying to? Basically I am trying to set up a site that he could manage on his own.


      Using Muse 2017

      Windows 10

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          honest anwser = use Dreamweaver instead

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            lenat72146276 Level 1

            Two things.

            1. Can I take the muse file and convert it/export as html to use in Dreamweaver? (is this worth it or too much trouble for what you get)

            2. Will my client be able to do all editing on his own?(...I think the plan is to kick me to the curb, which at this point is a-ok by me.)

            ....The only thing that I can think of that would accomplish the end goal of having a finished website that could be fully editiable by someone would be a website builder(i.e. what is built into Go Daddy-that's who does the hosting)-maybe wordpress depending on his skills (which are lacking in the website department).


            Any thoughts?