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    Illustrator CC not a share option in Draw application


      I have spent hours on the phone with your customer service and so far nobody has been able to help me with my problem, which is rather frustrating. I am trying to send a vector document from my iPad using adobe draw to my laptop to illustrator cc. I now how to do this normally, but for some reason when I click the share option in the app the only option to share with is Behance, and illustrator cc is absent. I desperately need to transfer this file as a vector to my laptop, because it is highly important and when I import from the creative cloud site the file is of bad quality and very pixelated. Has anyone else ran into this problem, or can anybody please help me find a solution to this? any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI Joseph.


          I'm really sorry for the time you spent on the phone... without being able to clear up what was going on.


          There are two Share icons:

          The first one is in the Gallery/Project view. That one enables sharing to Behance.

          The second one is in the open canvas. That one has all the other sharing options.


          Make sure to tap into the drawing, as if you're going to edit it (all your drawing tools should show up). You'll see the second Share icon in the top nav.


          Let me know if you're still having trouble.