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    How to disable render logs???


      Hi I submitted a feature request for this, but wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone has found a work around for this?

      Also I wanted to encourage other users who feel the same way to submit a feature request as well.
      Feature Request/Bug Report Form

      Here is what I submitted to Adobe.

      How would you like the feature to work?

      User can choose a custom destination folder for all render logs.  This folder can be selected as a global preference in the After Effects general preference menu or chosen through the render queue drop down menus for project specific or template based destinations.

      Why is this feature important to you?

      For my job at World Poker Tour we animate graphics to follow the actions of each hand we cut into each show.  This becomes hundreds of After Effects projects by the end of the season.  Now with no option to choose where these log files go or to not create them at all, we have hundreds of folders cluttering our very organized file structure.  So we end up deleting these folders as we go which creates an unnecessary and annoying step in our process.


      With almost all other destination folders in After Effects being user defined, it is very strange Adobe would not let users choose the destination folder for the logs as well.


      We kept the default setting to log errors only, which could be useful by only generating a log when an error occurs, so if we see a log folder has been created we know to check it, but instead it always creates a log letting us know that no errors occurred which seems pointless since we generally expect the render to have no errors.


      The log folders have become the equivalent of junk mail, After Effects sends them to us and we throw them in the trash without even looking at them.


      I do see the value in having a log generated for each render, but there needs to be options to make it less intrusive if desired by the user.