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    Connecting to VB 6 Application


      I use VB6 Enterprise Edition and trying to learn and use Robohelp X5 Office. I created all of my "Topic" files then created the "chm" file. At this point I am totally lost on what to do next. I personally think the Help files in RoboHelp and in VB are confusing. Can you give a "cookbook" approach on how to hook the help files to a VB application.

      Here are 3 examples of what I want to do:
      Example 1: On the main screen, I have a menu HELP; a submenu CONTENTS
      when the user clicks on CONTENTS, I want the Help (that I wrote) to show.

      Example 2: Each screen in my application is represented by a TOPIC. For example, In the VB 6 project, I have a screen called "Action" screen. In the Robohelp project the Topic is called Action_Screen.htm. When executing the VB application and on the Action screen, if the user presses F1, I would want the Action_Screen.htm to show in the Help window.

      Example 3: The Action screen has a command button called Edit (cmdExit). If I put my mouse over this button and pressed the F1 key, how do I associate a section within the Action_Screen.htm file?