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    Book Module: Custom book sizes and custom page layouts

    chrispy104 Level 1

      OK who else on this planet has tried to create a book in the Book Module and been frustrated by the restrictions imposed?  Lots of you?  I thought so.


      So why are the developers not listening to the howls of "Can we have Custom Book sizes and Custom layouts"?  That's a good question and it's been a request for the last FIVE years.


      Why?  Is it to do with the fact that Blurb were instrumental in the development of the Book Module and is there an exclusivity agreement between Blurb and Adobe to the extent that it limits any other Book format or size until that exclusivity agreement expires?


      I rather hope that is not the case and it's just Adobe not getting around to allocating resources to implement a Custom book size and allow freedom to place images and text on the page as the user prefers.


      It's disappointing that requests for custom book sizing and custom layouts have been requested from the get go yet no action is taking place on the part of the developers to address this serious shortcoming.


      I can't put my hand on my heart and recommend Lightroom for people who want to create books with the Book Module in its current restrictive status.


      This product could be so much better if Custom book sizes and layouts were available.