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    Importing images in Lightroom 6.7 takes too much time


      I saw more posts on the forum but I still haven't found the solution to the problem that Lightroom takes far more time to import images as it took, say, three or four months ago.


      Problem is especially noticeable when using the 'Destination Folders' option in the Import-interface. It take minutes show up the files en taks many minutes to build the small previews.


      I tried several things to tackle the problem and made use of tips and tricks mentioned in various posts. This includes re-installing Lightroom, rolling back to a previous version (which ended up with an error), making a new catalogue, copying all files to a SSD-drive in my Macbook, etc. So far nothing worked.


      Is this issues known by Adobe and are the working on a solution? I seriously hope so because it makes Lightroom a far less attractive program to work with. Especially in circumstances where speed is important.


      A reaction from a Adobe official would be very welcome.


      Kind regards, Jos Stuart.



      Nikon D810 / Fuji X-E2

      MacBook Pro (Early 2011, i7-processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD, running OSX 10.11.6)

      Importing through SD-slot of MacBook itself.