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    repeated Httpservice to same url


      i need to get data from a php generated xml page, i need to do this repatedly because the page keeps changing. but the Httpservice does not run on the same url over and over again. how can i make it fetch the data repeatdly from the same url.

      the code i have works everytime the url is changed even slightly

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          Zee Yang
          I'm not sure if I fully understand your question. You need a timer object to invoke the same url using HTTPService.send() function on a regular time interval. Is that correct? If that is the case, you need to look into AsyncToken class for tracking the responses.

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            anotherDJ Level 1
            hey yang.. thanks alot for the response

            well the calling the functions isn't the problem, i do that buy having a refresh button that calls on the function. the functions actually in an embedded module. i have it set to show curser busy when ever the httpservice is running. the problem is that if the url doesn’t change every time i've hit the refresh button the cursor doesn’t go busy, so its not really getting hte new data.

            an example would be say the url thats created is Http://www.google.ca/car.php?time=50num=7, 1st time its run.. the curser goes busy and i get the data, now if i hit refresh .. nothing happens

            so i'm just wondering is there some setting i need to enable so that it goes to get data on any url.. not just when the url changes. or is there a work around?

            thanks alot