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    Ratings for Fuji files in Photo Mechanic missing in Lightroom after import.


      Ok, I really hope somebody can help me out. I normally shoot Canon and my workflow is: Ingest/Rate in Photo Mechanic, then import to Lightroom and do editing there. Never had a problem with this setup.


      I recently bought a Fuji XT-1 and I ingest/rate the RAF files in PM but the ratings are not in Lightroom after I import to LR. I tried the "Read metadata from file" option and that didn't bring any changes whatsoever. Canon's CR2 files behave normally and ratings are all there.


      I noticed that when I rate in PM, a xmp file is created with my ratings etc. Then when I import to LR the following happens:


      For Canon files: the existing xmp file gets rewritten by LR, adding stuff about camera, lens, etc. Ratings that were there are left intact.


      For Fuji files: the existing xmp file is left untouched. Instead, LR creates a different xmp file with info about camera, lens, etc but no "rating" value.


      I have no idea where the problem lays (LR, PM or some setting in the camera itself). I've tried googling but no luck.


      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,