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    Missing fonts in Acrobat 10


      I am trying to help a user at my company.  He has Acrobat 10 and his coworkers have Acrobat 9.  He has a file he needs to edit and when he tried to copy text in PDF to Word or Notepad - text comes up as boxes - which I take as missing font.  I have same issue on my machine - only have Reader on mine.


      I found the file has the following fonts which he does not have in his Fonts list - Innaru, Myriad, YDIYG340, YoonGothic

      We looked on coworkers machine and don't see these on their machines

      I have searched the net and don't see a lot of info about these fonts.


      Is there some place he can find these fonts or should he remove Acrobat 10 and install Acrobat 9?