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    Connecting extension to Illustrator




      I am not able to find extension menu in adobe illustrator cc 2015. Can someone please tell me how i can execute my newly created extension via adobe extension builder 3, on adobe illustrator cc 2015 . I googled and found that AEM has been removed after adobe illustrator cc 2014 and i have already tried various method stated online.

      This are some of the links i went through , but not able to find a solution.

      Install add-ons and extensions for Adobe apps .

      Adobe Extension Builder and Creative Cloud 2014 .http://www.davidebarranca.com/2015/06/html-panel-tips-17-cc2015-survival-guide/

      HTML Panel Tips #17: CC2015 Survival Guide | Photoshop, etc.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.

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          LeoTaro Level 4

          Yes the Extension manager is no longer supported. You have a few options:


          1. Use the ExMan command line tools (mentioned in your first link). I find these don't always work correctly. Adobe Exchange

          2. Upload your extension to Adobe Exchange. Adobe Exchange

          3. Use a third party installer. I haven't used any of these. e.g. ZXPInstaller

          4. Write your own installer.

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            kuldeeps10101870 Level 1


            1. Is there any way , which allows me to develop my extension and simultaneously allow me to check the changes made by me in extension. Because it will be a cumbersome task to upload my extension each time i make a change on add-ons and then download it again to check it effects. Does adobe adds-on allow developers any facility through which they can develop there extension in one go.


            2.We have a plug-in which is running fine on adobe illustrator cs5, but now i have adobe illustrator cc2015 and got to make that plug-in compatible with cc2015. In illustrator cs5 there is  ADM , which is not supported by illustrator cc2015 and they have suggested to make a extension in place of that. So, are these extension and plug-in is different name for same thing or they are two different things.

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              LeoTaro Level 4

              1. I thought you could do that with Extension Builder. If not, you can just copy the files manually.


              2. Plugins that use flex or html5 panels are called hybrid extensions and have an aip component as well as a gui component. See the samples in the SDK.