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    Video Component - for multiple movies



      I'm trying to use the new video component (HTML/Canvas) for multiple movies spread out along the main timeline. I'm using buttons with gotoAndPlay (and/or gotoAndStop) to get around the timeline and to get from movie to movie. BUT, although I've given the individual components different instance names and even moved them to different layers...I have several big issues. Often, each separate component will play the same movie; at other times they will play the correct movies but ONLY if I click in the right order! Can anyone help?

      Thanks! -Ira

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i see that.


          i resolved the problem by:


          1. create the keyframes where you want to play different videos

          2. in each keyframe, drag a video component to the stage and assign it a unique instance name (even though there's no code referencing that name).  i assigned the source using the properties panel. 

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            staticklingon Level 1

            I'm afraid that is exactly what I already described to the detail and doesn't resolve the problem. Set up buttons and see for yourself. The videos will play, or only 1 will play, or they both will play but if you return to either keyframe then it will not play a second time, Thanks for the try, but please read the initial post first...repeating the same steps (plus neglecting the buttons) will waste your generous effort. The issue is specific and unresolved.