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    Can't find Smartsound (Sonicfire Pro) in Preimere elements 15


      There are instructions for accessing Smartsound in the middle of page 229 of the pdf Premiere Elements version 15 user manual. It says to access it through the music panel, of which there is none, only an area to add music to a production. As far as I could tell, this section has no mention of Smartsound contained within it. I looked that the version 14 pdf manual and it appears that the section referring to Smartsound is the same as in the version 15 pdf.  I've noticed that several screen illustrations in the version 15 manual seem to reference the version 14 software instead, primarily because it shows the activity bar (?) running horizontally across the page instead of the same type of bar running vertically down the right side of the screen.  It initially appears that the version 15 manual didn't update all the changes included in the version 15 software.


      I'm a new user so I may have missed something.


      Is Smartsound still available in Premiere Elements 15 or did it get removed without without updating the manual? I've used Smartsound in the past with other software and liked it.


      Thank you for your assistance with this question.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements discontinued the use of SmartSound several generations ago. I'm not sure why their online manual has not been updated. The program now uses Adobe's Scores to create custom music tracks. (If you're interested in using it, my book on Amazon is fully updated for version 15 and includes how-tos for using Scores as well as all of the program's other cool features.)

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            FalvinP Level 1

            Steve, thank you for the reply. After playing around with PE15 a bit I figured out that Smartsound was no longer available. It really urks me when accurate documentation is not available.


            Several years ago I dabbled in creating some slide shows for a softball team but I never did use Premiere Elements (used Videowave by Roxio and Proshow Producer). Turns out that I registered for your site, but had not logged in for several years until yesterday. My login was still active. I'll contact you there with further questions regarding PE15.


            Thanks again for your reply.