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    Problems getting a line with single, editable path from Sketch into Illustrator (the Expand to Paths feature)


      Hello. I asked this question first in the Adobe Illustrator forum, and it was suggested I ask it here.


      A bunch of questions seem to hint at the proper way to get lines out of the Adobe mobile apps (and not filled shapes)

      (such as this thread Create a line not a filled shape with Adobe Draw  and this one How do I set up drawing as stroke paths, rather than the default compound paths? ) but never really carry through much further (as in why it's such a fractured workflow and why, if as the staff states, they have this conversation with a lot of people who uses Adobe Draw, why a change isn't being considered).


      But they do all suggest that Adobe Photoshop Sketch is the way to go. That one is to send to Illustrator and then use the Options > Line and Sketch Art > Expand to Paths.  

      But when sending to Illustrator, the option remains inactive ... always. What needs to be done in order to use this option? The file from Sketch opens as a fixed image, non-editable .ai file. Where is the problem? If recent changes have brought about other ways to do this that no longer use this option, what are they?


      Thanks in advance for any help!