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    Lightroom is CC (2015) Everything Else is CC (2017).. and where is Dehaze?!


      I have CC installed on my home machine, courtesy of the licence from my workplace (a University). We moved from the having each application installed from a package we would download, to via the Creative Cloud installer app, a few months ago. I had some troubles getting that to work, and had to do a lot of uninstalling/reinstalling to get anything to work at all (initially the problem was that the 'Apps' tab was missing from the Creative Cloud installer app).


      Anyway, that is all just background.


      Right now everything is working, however for some reason that I do not understand the 'Dehaze' feature is missing from my installation of Lightroom.


      Another anomaly (which might explain the Dehaze one?) is that in the list of installed apps everything is on a '2017' version, except for Lightroom (see screenshot).


      Dehaze has been really useful on lots of projects, so, would be nice to get this sorted.







      Screenshot 2016-11-16 15.58.16.png