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    Trouble Signing into Creative Cloud


      Hey everyone! I'm having some difficulty logging into my Creative Cloud account on my home computer. I recently bought a laptop, and that works fine over there, but my Home computer has been having problems logging in for quite some time.


      When I launch Creative Cloud it loads for a long time and then says the standard "You've been signed out. Unable to authenticate your Adobe ID. Sign in again with your Adobe ID and password to continue using Adobe apps".


      When I click the sign in button, it'll load right back to the same You've been signed out screen without ever giving me a chance to sign on. I've tried uninstalling everything, and then reinstalling it, and I'm not using the programs on both computers at the same time either. I actually have no problem launching any of the individual programs like Photoshop or InDesign either, but I wanted to update to the new versions...especially since I'm paying for it anyways. Is there anything I should try to do so I can sign back into Creative Cloud?




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