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    What does 'web and sync' mean?

    janel42325156 Level 1

      New to font kits... some fonts say web only, some say web and sync and have a price of say... $199. If I put one of those fonts in my kit, will I be charged $199?

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          Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I'm sorry that you ran into trouble with this. Fonts licensed for web use can be added to a kit and used on a website; fonts licensed for sync use can be synced to your computer to use in desktop programs.


          Here are tutorials on each to help you get started.


          * syncing a font to your desktop:



          * adding a font to your website:



          > have a price of say... $199


          If a font has a price next to it, it means that it isn't included in your Typekit subscription; it's part of the Typekit Marketplace. Typekit Marketplace is a collection of fonts that you can purchase and add to your Typekit account to make it available to use for web and sync use.


          The "My Library" tab on typekit.com/fonts will show you only the fonts included in your current Typekit subscription. You may use any of those fonts without paying anything additional.


          I hope that this helps; let me know if you have any other questions. Best,

          -- liz