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    Automatic TOC of PDF's in a collection?


      Working on a Windows 10 PC. We are preparing to move to Adobe Acrobat DC from our former software DocsCorp pdfDocs4.

      With pdfDocs4, you can use their "Binder" mode to bring a collection of related files together, convert non-pdf files to PDF as part of the process and collate into one large PDF. As part of the process, pdfDocs4 would create an interactive TOC of all of the individual documents in the collection. You also got bookmarks in the collated PDF for each individual file.

      Does anyone know of a way to accomplish something similar in Acrobat DC?

      We are going to have a few unhappy campers if I can't figure this out.


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          Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat should be able to handle this.  Click on Tools > Create PDF and select the ‘Multiple Files’ option.  You can either combine the various files into a single, continuous PDF, or create a PDF Portfolio, which will be a container that holds the individual PDFs that were imported/created.  Once you make that selection, you will add the files you wish to combine.  Then, look for the options button – it’s a gear icon.  Click and be sure to enable the ‘always add bookmarks to Adobe PDF’ option. Once the process completes, you should have neatly organized bookmarks – for each document included, and if the source files were well formatted (header styles used in Word, for example), for the sections and headings of the individual files.


          As for the Table of Contents, if you choose PDF Portfolio as your desired combined file type, you will have icons to navigate from document to document easily.  However… PDF portfolios will contain whatever you throw at it in native format.  If you put a Word doc in a PDF Portfolio, it remains a Word doc.  If you add a Word doc to a Combined PDF file, it will be converted to PDF as it is added.  If the PDF Portfolio format works best for you, be sure to enable the ‘Convert all files to PDF when creating a Portfolio’ option on the Combine Files options dialog.


          I hope this provides acceptable results for you.  Good luck.

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