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    Premier Elements 7 ?


      I recently started using this old version on a Vista OS.  (Novice warning: I cant seem to find or maybe understand an answer to my delema in the help manual) I've entered a number of uploaded DV camcorder clips into the project panel. I've faded in and out the transitions between the 5 clips and now I want to save it as a single 25 minute movie that I can share on Youtube and Facebook.

      I don't know how to save the above mentioned clips as one maneuverable file. Clicking file>save doesn't seem to do anything but provide me with an empty folder.  I can find the 5 individual files but if a file exists that has all unified clips, I don't know where on my hard drive it exists.  Having this information would help me immensely


      When I attempt to upload to Youtube using the "Share" tab while still in the work space, it informs me that the file is too big.  This even though I have the ability to upload larger files to Youtube. 

      If there is anyone who is familiar with this version of Elements and obviously can follow instructions better than I seem to be able to, please help.  Thanks in advance for your time.  

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can not do a direct upload a file longer than 10 minutes to YouTube. You'll need to output a file of your movie (Using Share/Computer) and then manually upload it to YouTube using the interface on their site.


          Unfortunately, you're using a fairly ancient version of the software, so your output options are limited. Ideally, you'd output an MP4 -- but version 7 pre-dates the introduction of MP4 outputs to the program. Your best option is to output a WMV Windows Media file.