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    Tiny previews before importing

    gypsytan Level 1

      Why does this happen?  It was random a few months ago, now permanent.


      I put my SHDC card in my computer, open Lightroom, click on Import and can't see neither Fit or 1:1 zoom.  All the previous are tiny in the center of the screen.  The only way to fill the screen is to zoom 11:1 which obviously is not going to help with culling photos before importing.  I'm using a MBP with MacOS, but others seem to have this problem with Windows too (see link below).


      Note that I'm taking only RAW photos.  Files are ORF (Olympus).  LR Import settings are Build Smart Previous set to Standard and checkmark on Build Smart Previews.  (I found an old forum post 2014-15 on another forum with people mentioning this issue with different cameras and Windows:  http://www.lightroomforums.net/threads/tiny-previews-in-import-window.21110/


      The only way to be able to see the my photos in the card before importing "fit" or "1:1" is to move to another directory in my hard drive as if I were to import from it, then move again to import from the card.