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    Can't see iPad in Digital Editions in left panel; Can't copy document to it


      I am trying to move a Digital Editions document from my Mac to my iPad.


      According to the online instructions, I am supposed to connect my iPad to my iMac via a USB cable and then load Digital Editions, at which point I am supposed to see a Devices section on the left panel of Digital Editions. 

      • I am able to read the document on my iMac.
      • I have closed out Digital Editions and connected my iPad to the iMac with a USB cable.
      • iTunes on the Mac recognizes the iPad (IOS 9.3.5) and syncs with it.
      • However when I launch ADE, I do not see "Devlces" in the panel on the left.
      • So there is no way I can drag my ADE document to my iPad.


      How can I solve this problem?