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      Hey guys,


      I wanted to share a Brackets extension I made, called brackets-to-photoshop. I honestly don't like ExtendScript at all, I find it to be very buggy and frustrating. That's why I made this extension.


      The idea is to use Brackets as your main text editor, and simply click a button, or a shortcut, and execute your script in any Adobe application. After you execute the script you will have a console to verify any returned information that came from the script you just executed.


      Since it's using Photoshop's AppleScript API, this extension will only work for MacOS users at the moment. I'm planning on making it compatible with Windows as well.


      It initially started as a Photoshop only tool, but I've expanded it to work with multiple Adobe applications, using ExtendScript's native #target application command.


      This works with multiple versions of these applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign and Bridge. Here's the list of all the versions it supports:

      brackets-to-photoshop/AdobeVersions.json at master · JavierAroche/brackets-to-photoshop · GitHub


      How to Install

      Search for Brackets-To-Photoshop in the Brackets Extension Manager.


      How to Use

      This extension works on Brackets current document. The file doesn't need to be saved since it's reading directly from the editor.

      Click on the Brackets to Photoshop button on your right sidebar, or hit the shortcut Cmd-Shift-P




      A console will show up at the bottom displaying any messages returned from Photoshop. Errors will display in red.



      Console Features

      JSON polyfill included to use the following functions:

      • JSON.stringify
      • JSON.parse
      • Array.forEach


      Array polyfill included to use the following functions:

      • Array.forEach


      Editor Features

      Added ability to log information to the console and use functions such as:

      • console.log
      • console.error
      • console.info
      • console.stringify (Logs to the console using JSON.stringify)
      • $.write
      • $.writeln


      Some other features

      • Include external files in your JSX script when document is saved
      • Display execution time


      If you're an avid Adobe scripter, this should be a pretty useful tool for you. Try it out!


      I would love some feedback so I can make it better and more useful.