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    "Export pop up window installed" dialogue box

    Savanahcreative Level 1

      New in InDesign CC v12 2017 - a dialogue box pops up every time the application is opened and it does not have a 'don't show again' button - it interferes with the opening of files as it starts up - the dialogue window says "Export pop-up window installed - Background Tasks will appear the start of an export and a dialog will appear after each export complete." - is there a way to stop this appearing every time? Is there a way to stop the actual function it is referring to? - I don't want a dialogue window to pop up when a pdf has exported in the background - that's why we have background tasks so we can get on with what we are doing - i can see the progress from the 'background task' pallet.

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          Philip Stone Level 1

          You've added a third party script, to eliminate the dialogue box you need to remove the script.

          Go the the Adobe InDesign CC application folder > Scripts> Startup Scripts and remove the file> 'exportPop.jsx'

          (re) launch Indesign =end of problem.


          I had added this script years ago and got rid of it shortly after. However it strangely reappeared with the installation of CC 2017.

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