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    Lightroom CC not recognizing synchronized photos


      Running Sierra 10.12.  Hoping someone can answer/help me with this problem.  LR is not recognizing an already sync folder.  So when I sync an old folder, it will show that it have all the photos (for example 40 out of 40 photos in that folder) needing to be synced.  If i sync this folder, the 40 photos are recognized to be already there, so I can only sync if i click the "new" tab.  Alternatively, I can sync a group of new pictures (lets say 12 pics).  But if I immediately click sync again, it will tell me that i have 12 pics that need to be synced.  If I press sync, the screen is greyed out since it knows they are there already.  But if I uncheck "avoid duplicates', and click "new", the pics show up and I can "copy".  When I check on "finder" , I have now duplicated the pictures. 
      Additionally, if I use "update folder location" it know correctly where the photos are located.  There are no ? or ! symbols on the photos.

      Really hope someone has an idea.