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    White text on a black background


      I have a Blackberry Classic with Adobe reader. Suddenly, whenever I open a pdf on the Blackberry, it has a black background with white characters. Any suggestions on how to change it back. I could not find anything in settings.



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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Larryl62495748,


          Are you experiencing this problem with all the PDF documents? and could you confirm the source of the PDF file that tried to open?

          I assume, the settings of the Adobe Reader application was changed when this PDF file was actually created.

          • Open the same file in Adobe Reader DC on computer.
          • GO to> Edit(left top corner) > Preferences> Accessibility> Document color option> check custom color

          (change it accordingly and save the document)

          If that works and the format has been corrected (white background and black text), then you can transfer the file to blackberry.


          Let us know if that works.