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    Beginner problem - PDF will not save with js or combs or arbitrary masks

    sillybomb Level 1

      I have a PDF form that I have put together today.

      I'm a beginner with Acrobat, but have knowledge of JS coding.


      I have lots of fields in the form


      • Some of them have a 'comb' of 6 characters
      • On a couple of items I have set up some javascript to autotab
      • On some fields I have used arbitrary masks in Format -> Special to create a date format of 99-99-99 to give me automatic dashes.


      It all works perfectly in preview in Adobe Acrobat however when I save the document I lose all of these features and all of the textboxes become regular textboxes.

      • If I open with adobe acrobat the combs become number limits of 6 rather than keeping their 'comb' format.
      • The autotab functionality is gone, no JS visible
      • The Arbitrary masks are gone. They are now just textboxes.


      I am not doing anything special when I'm saving just going straight to the regular File > Save in adobe acrobat.


      1. Long story short, how do I save my PDF from acrobat so that it can be opened and filled out with the correct formatting and keep its javascript?


      AND followup question - when I edit my PDF If I make my textboxes visible they are all blue boxes that you can click on and edit (or white boxes in Preview)


           2. how can I make the textboxes invisible but still editable/printable. When I set the boxes to 'Hidden but printable' they disappear but I can't click on the boxes to      edit them.