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    Frequent Crash and burns...


      My problem is this...

      Every time, and I mean every time, I return a library book through my Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 it crashes. I must then restart the application and then remove the file as (thankfully) the book has registered that it is returned, but is still there in my list.

      Now this isn't anything that can't be worked around however I am a voracious reader and can go through ten books in a week, so having to do this open, return, crash, reopen, remove ten times every week is extremely annoying and time consuming, as it takes longer to reload after a crash.

      I couldn't find any similar situations already on this forum and phone support is not available for this product so. Any ideas? I must say that having a program crash every time a book is returned is highly unprofessional and extremely frustrating for the consumer.