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    Guided Upright feature missing from my latest LR CC update


      Hi friends,


      I recently downloaded and installed the latest update to my Lightroom CC application, but the Guided Upright feature is missing from my module list. Under "Lightroom" > "About Adobe Photoshop Lightroom," it says "Version 5.7.1 Camera Raw 8.7.1."


      The list of my modules are as follows:

      • Basic
      • Tone Curve
      • HSL / Color / B & W
      • Split Toning
      • Detail
      • Lens Corrections
      • Effects
      • Camera Calibration


      I was looking forward to this new feature, as I am practicing real estate photography / editing, but was disappointed to find that it was missing. I feel like I'm missing something obvious because I never used the upright tool before I saw the Guided Upright tool being advertised. Any tips or help would be appreciated.




      Thank you!