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    Can't rename bookmarks


      Using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.  For some reason, all of a sudden when I create a new bookmark (with the default name Untitled) and then try to rename it, or if I try to rename an existing bookmark, I can't.  However manner I choose to rename the bookmark (F2, right-click | "rename), the bookmark field will be briefly highlighted but will then immediately (and I mean immediately) unhighlight the name without providing me the opportunity to type in a new name.


      On a rare occasion, if I click on the bookmark and hit F2 (i.e., rename) quickly and repeatedly while hitting BackSpace also, I will get the bookmark field to erase the name and remain available for editing.


      This happens on PDF's downloaded as well as PDF's I have created locally.  I've disabled Fast Web View and tried different settings in Preferences to no avail.


      I have also uninstalled and then re-installed the program.  I've also tried the "repair" option.  Same result.


      Any thoughts?