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    You Don't Have To Draw A Blink...

    finnandme Level 1

      This is no great find, or something that will change everything.... it was just one of those things that made me go.. Oh!   It doesn't take much.. this days!


      I created the 3 basic layers for the each eyes, Blink, Pupil and Eyeball... as I started drawing each... starting with Eyeball... I jumped over to Ch to see how it was looking and reacting... and it was then I noticed... that the eye was blinking. When I thought about it, it was pretty obvious what was happening; when I was detected blinking.. Ch turned off.. the Pupil and Eyeball Layers and showed whatever was in the Blink Layer... as there wasn't anything in there... it just showed the Face-background.. 


      As I said.. not major... but helps you get your head around what's going on... well in my head anyway!