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    Movieclip question

    matthewdee Level 1

      I have been working in Flash since the Macromedia days very heavily until CS6 , once Edge came out I started getting HTML5 jobs and worked in Edge. I just got a job that I need to do in Canvas so I'm using Animate cc 2017 . When you do not work in a program for along time you tend to forget things and something is sticking in my head and I just want to check with you guys if I'm right or wrong on something.


      I seem to remember that I can convert a bitmap to a symbol in the library, in this case an mc, drag the mc on to the stage, open that and lets say tween brightness on the MC timeline, then place the mc on the main timeline and have it play.


      For some reason I cannot animate an mc but I can animate a bitmap on the main timeline only.


      Can someone refresh me here, please?