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    Identity Plate Edit problem


      I can edit the identity plate by going to the Edit / Identity Plate setup option but if I try to use the small down arrow in the corner of the identity plate in the print panel and select Edit, Lightroom Freezes and I have to use Task Manager to restart it. I have Lightroom CC up to date running in Windows 10. Any suggestions as to what causes this problem?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The downward arrow icon is for opening the activity panel e.g. for starting or pausing LR Mobile, Address Lookup for GPS co-ordinates or Face Detection. Simply right-click on the Identity Plate name and choose “Edit Identity Plate”

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            stefanp32385917 Level 1

            It is the small arrow in the Identity panel itself that I was referring to, Lightroom was freezing when I chose Edit Identity plate. Now found out that if you have two screens attached, the edit panel opens in the second screen. I did not have it on. This is new behavior as I have only just encountered this problem with the edit screen.

            Thanks for your feedback.