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    Acrobat DC Standard.  Can't "Add Text" to many PDFs


      On about one quarter of the PDFs I need to edit, the "Add Text" button won't assign the cursor to the document.  It appears to work and the cursor will hover over the document with the "A", like it's attempting to work, but clicking on the document doesn't allow the text box to activate.  No keyboard presses result in a character on the document.  I can click anywhere on the document and nothing will work.


      My only work-around is to create a text file in another program, save it as a PNG file as a transparency and import it as an image onto my PDF.  This is ridiculously cumbersome.


      The documents I'm working with are technical drawings, probably created in AutoCad and converted to PDF.  The most recent one I'm working on is not a scan as Acrobat recognizes the layers, but still cannot add text.  All other features seem to work.  Acrobat doesn't recognize the text so I have to remove letters and words as if they were images which is fine, but I need to add text to replace what I remove and that's a no-go.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!