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    Windows 10 signed builds failing & publisher name incorrect in appx manifest

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      The Windows 10 signed builds were working this morning (GMT) but have died again now.


      To add insult to injury, when the signed builds DO work, they set the publisher to the name in the signing certificate, but in an unsigned build it reverts to "CN=Apache Cordova Team". This means that I cannot sign the unsigned appx myself! (I cannot alter the generated manifest without upsetting signtool.)


      The publisher should be the one specified in config.xml with the WindowsStorePublisherName preference. So, for example,


      <preference name="WindowsStorePublisherName" value="CN=Syntagm Ltd" />


      This ongoing situation with Windows signed builds must be wasting hundreds of hours of developers' time. It has consumed a dozen of mine already and I only started updating my PGB app this week.


      Ideally, please fix the signed build problem as soon as possible, but failing that, use the WindowsStorePublisherName  preference to supply the publisher so developers can sign the appx file themselves.