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    Pgemaker 7 Font style problem


      I know many comments on the forum dislike this program but I am not a professional and as a home user I have no other choice. I could not afford to upgrade and I have too many documents created with this version.

      If anyone can help my problem is that I created a number of documents with a particular font, Bookman, and I wish to change it. When I go into Styles and click to change I see there are two entries for Bookman 6 and I get no response when clicking any font in Styles. I did get an error message that doesn't re-appear. I am self taught and use this program for a hobby..

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          A few things to check:


          1. Make sure you have selected the correct compose to printer.
          2. Make sure the required font is present and correctly installed.
          3. Exit PM and trash all the PM configuration files - PM*.cnf IIRC.  PM will recreate them next time it's loaded.


          If you're using PM on a version of windows after Win7, all bets are off.

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            grahamb4114481 Level 1

            Hi BigJohnD,

            Thanks for your help. I managed to resolve this particular problem but another cropped up. I am in the process of changing the font in all my work from Bookman to Calibri. In the STYLE box the NO STYLE is set to Bookman 10 and I cannot change it. It reverts to Bookman even though I have changed the Font in Preferences to Calibri. I had Bookman 10 and Bookman 6 as styles fonts and I managed to convert all the Bookman 10 in my pages to Calibri 12 successfully. When I select the Bookman 6 descriptions it highlights the NO STYLE line and I cannot change it. I have many years of work tied up in this and short of changing all the descriptions individually to Calibri I'm stumped. Any help will be appreciated. I have managed successfully in another P7 document but I don't know how I did it.

            Diolch yn fawr



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              BigJohnD Level 3

              It's so long since I used PM daily so the finer points are slowly disappearing into the black hole of the past.


              However, IIRC the details of [no style] are set via the menus with PM loaded and no publication open.


              Likewise for a publication, open the file, make sure you are using the master pointer and no object is selected, and select the font and size &c. via the menus.


              Years since I used PM but I don't think I'm too far off the mark.

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                grahamb4114481 Level 1

                Hi BigJohnD,



                I acted on your advice and it worked fine. Just for info I use P7 to create Album Stamp Pages for personal use. I got a Fully licenced box set from an office Clearance sale and I have had no training and taught myself. It wouldn't make sense to update to another program such as In Design.


                The only problems have been with understanding the Styles Box and Fonts. Many of the features don't apply to me as I don't use it as a Publisher program.


                Thanks again for your help.



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                  BigJohnD Level 3

                  PM defaults are set with either no document open (Global defaults) or with no object selected if there is a document open (Publication defaults).


                  Whichever version of Windows you are using, save and backup your publication very frequently.  If you are using PM on Win7 or later, be prepared for problems, including file corruption and re-installation difficuties.  Use an old version of Windows for improved stability - Win2K is pretty good.