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    Connecting to RoboHelp Installation Via Remote Desktop

    elmdavy Level 1

      I use RoboSource as a version control system for 3 writers on the same project. RoboHelp 11 is installed on each writer's local PC.  Then we connect to a server that has RoboSource. This worked fine until we hired a new writer in India. The connection speed to the server in the UK is too slow to effectively work.  Therefore, IT recommended that we install RoboHelp on the server in the UK and the writer would remote desktop onto that machine and the connection speed would be quicker.  It would only be one writer who would be accessing the RoboHelp installation on the server.  Is this a breach of licensing rules for Adobe?  I know in older versions, RoboHelp had to be installed locally to comply with the license.  Is that still the case or can I install it on the server and have a writer remote desktop onto the machine to use it?