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    Non editable document


      I am new to Adobe Acrobat and am currently using Pro DC  for a trial period.

      I am trying to make a board game map that I had scanned to size A1 in pdf by a commercial concern, into an editable document.

      I have run Action Wizard which informs me that it is "Image only PDF - Failed"

      I am assuming that the problem lies with the fact that it was scanned by a third party...

      Is there a solution whereby I can make this document editable and allow me to alter text...

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What action of the Action Wizard do you use?

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            Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

            In order to edit the text, it must be converted from image to actual text.  Luckily, Acrobat has the capability to do this for you.  My first step is always to perform a ‘Save As…’ and give the file a different name.  This preserves your original in case you’re unhappy with the results.  Under Tools, select Enhance Scan>Recognize Text. You can experiment with the settings, but I would choose ‘Editable Text & Images’ from the drop down.  Once you perform the text recognition, your text should be editable and searchable.  It’s not a perfect transformation sometimes, as much depends on the clarity of the text of your original, font, etc.


            Good luck!

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              johnh9875037 Level 1

              Thanks for your input... The Enhance>Recognize Text option didn't work... but I seemed to have stumbled across a solution by trial and error..

              1. Tools>Redact

              2. Choose "Remove Hidden Information" (save)

              3. Choose "Santize"

              4. Tools>Edit PDF

              All of the text then became editable.....  Quite suprised myself !!