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    Not sure where to fade out??

    ottz0 Level 1
      I have my main movie clip. Then I have my navigation and the buttons go to these pages. Each main navigation is colour coded

      When you go to one of these pages I have like a sub menu with 2 or 3 links. When you click one of these links it goes to a point on the main timeline and runs a fade out, outro. When It reaches the end on the time line and fades out I have a load move inside an empty movie clip.

      Would I Put my fade out outro inside of the SWF that I am loading? So It would show the preloader / fade out and then display the content page?

      Or have the fadeout on the main _root timeline / button action that goes to a fade out / Preloader / new content?

      How to I action a button to go to and run a fade out movieclip it's the same for the 2 or 3 links pressed but I want to load the movie according to which link has been pressed.