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    output missing graphics

    jason t Level 1

      I haven in a few instances seen printed pages (from indesign) that come out with placeholder graphics (I'm assuming this is a RIP/PS error so no big deal).


      I have more often in the last few days seen printed pages coming out with no graphics whatsoever.  For example, I just printed some documents with linked graphics and the only thing on the output of the printer was the crop marks.  Another print had the text, with no graphics (nor placeholders).  I have seen this issue a couple times before the 2017 release of indesign, but seems to be getting worse.


      In these files, it's usually an indesign file placed into another one.  Everything looks good on screen and overprint preview, but the graphics don't print.  I find that re-linking the files usually fixes the problem (even when the linked file is unchanged and no issues with it).  I assume its okay to place indesign files, though somewhat unreliable in my experience.  Any ideas on how to have this happen less often?


      running indesign cc 2017 on windows 10 and outputting to a fiery system.