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    Phonegap Andriod Scroll Event Not Being Thrown

    philipw12907718 Level 1

      Hey everyone. I'm having a strange issue here that I'm trying to figure out. I have a new phone gap application that I've been working on with Angular 2. We have a screen that we are trying to do infinite scroll on. On the Motorola test device the company provided me with it is not working for infinite scroll, however my co-worker has a Samsung phone that it is working on. Both are on Andriod 6.0.1. To test I added a console.log in the event handler function that is assigned to the window.onscroll event. Sure enough on the Motorola device that is not working there are no logs in the console when I scroll, but on the working device (or in an emulator or desktop browser) it logs as intended on scroll. Any advice? Googling for the answer has led me down tons of different rabbit holes, but no solution thus far.