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    Creative Cloud Libraries - How to add Illustrator Brushes?


      I've searched myself silly, and I've found no answer to the question of how to save Illustrator Brushes as a Creative Cloud Library asset.

      In numerous places I've found references to being able to do that - for instance Manage assets with Creative Cloud Libraries


      But on dragging a graphic with a brush applied to the Creative Cloud library folder, only the Graphic, Stroke, and Fill are listed as options to save as a Library element.

      No mention of Brushes or styles here either: Creative Cloud libraries - how to collaborate, sync, and share Illustrator assets


      Has someone been able to do this yet? Any help appreciated.


      EDIT: I found that if you add a graphic to the Library which itself has a Brush applied, you can access that brush by adding a copy of that Graphic element in the Library, and the Brush will show up in the Brushes panel. That's NO help for being able to use that brush in a different CC Application like Photoshop, or to be able to edit the Brush in one of the Mobile apps.