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    Freeze a Rolling Credit

    AZ Aurora

      I am at the end of my production and am using a rolling credit. I would like the last part of my rolling credit to freeze and still have the music play in the background.

      I am using Premier Elements 12


      I tried stopping the clip at the end of where I want it to freeze and went to "frame hold", when I did that it add the portion of the clip to freeze, however it still scrolled to a black screen until it reached the freeze portion of the clip. I have tried to cut that "black portion" and paste back in the freezed portion but it does not work, it always want to continue the scroll.


      Hopefully I am writing this so it makes some sense to whomever is reading it and hopefully there is a work around for what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          There may be a better way and this might seem a little convoluted!


          Set the work area bars around the rolling credit and output to a video file that matches your project setting.  Be sure to check the Render Work Area box at output.  Bring the new clip back into the project through Add Media and put it on the timeline.  Cut the clip where you want the scrolling to stop and also make a freeze frame at that cut.  Add the freeze frame to the timeline at the end of the credit and set the duration to whatever you want.  

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            AZ Aurora Level 1

            Thank you for your suggestion, I will make note of it. However I actually found  what I was looking for, I found how to alter my rolling credits. It was under "text" and than choosing "rolling credits options". I eliminated the beginning and ending of the credits and did the freeze frame. I than went to project assets and inserted the clip to my timeline and set the duration that I wanted. Thanks again for responding.