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    Acrobat Reader DC -  Read Out Loud  (Not Functioning)

    cs9598676 Level 1

      I have been using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and love the Read Out Loud Function.  I now have a new computer that's running Windows 10 and Acrobat Reader DC Version # 15.020.20042 that I would like to use the Read Out Loud feature with.  When I load my PDF Document I select:

      1. View > Read Out Load > Activate Read Out Load, then
      2. View > Read Out Load > Read To End of Document

      (Alternatively I have tried:  View > Read Out Load > Read This Page Only)


      Normally, this will cause Adobe Acrobat DC to start reading, but I hear nothing.  I have gone into my Windows Settings and initiated the Narrator and after hearing it work just fine, I have gone back to Acrobat and tried again, but it didn't read anything.  I can't figure out when this isn't working as it should be easy.


      Do you have suggestions?  Thanks for your help!