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    My Literoom use [As a Lightroom CC member, can I transfer my now unused Lightroom 5 to someone else?]


      Hi, Back in December 2014 my wife gave me a copy of Literoom 5 for a Christmas present serial No <serial number removed> which cost her something in the region of £104, however the following March I took the option to join the your cloud system with Photoshop which also includes the latest Literoom . I can say that I am delighted with the cloud system and use it for many hours on a daily basis, however this has rendered my disc copy of Literoom useless as it had been loaded onto my PC and my Laptop, is there a way that I can give this disc to another member of my family so they can start to enjoy the benefits of Literoom for themselves and my wife's gift is not totally wasted. As always I will await your normal speedy reply with interest. Kind Regards Dave Hawkins