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    More problems with bones

      So... I am having a problem with the IK too.

      I thought it was a problem with IK moving transform points, but to be honest transform points seem to be moving around wether or not that is checked in the preferences.

      The problem I am having is that parts of my armature seem to be shifting around for no reason at all. For instance I have a human character broken up int: head, torso, abdomen, two sets of arms (upper arm, forearm, hand) and two sets of legs (upper leg, lower leg, foot) The problem comes after I think I have everything set up right. I move body parts around and I notice that suddenly body parts seem to be shifting around. For instance I move the right leg, and parts of the left leg are suddenly shifting! It looks subtle but at the end of an animation there are now big huge gaps or parts of the limbs seem disconnected!

      I have no idea why this could be happening and it's drivng me a little crazy. Anyone got any idea how to fix this?